Development & Monetization

We're building the TOPIA ecosystem with the goal of attracting tens of millions of players.

To ensure a high-quality gaming experience and keep players engaged through influencing the quality of games and content, we've limited the number of available Worlds to 10,000. The goal of this is to put strategic barriers on developers wanting to target the TOPIA player base and prioritize playable game quality over quantity due to monetized games requiring a world as a "ticket" in order to be launched. Developers aiming to profit from TOPIA players or appear on our game client's "TOPIA Worlds" page need to own a World or rent one from a current owner.

However, if you just want to launch a game for personal, private, or developmental use, you don't need to own a TOPIA World. Players can connect to a personal/private/developmental TOPIA game servers via a direct IP connection in the TOPIA game client. These private worlds will otherwise have no visibility to players within the TOPIA game client and no access to monetization systems.

Owning or renting a TOPIA World lets you build a game and monetize players in various ways, such as:

  • Selling in-game cosmetics collections in the form of loot boxes or individual items on the TOPIA Marketplace.
  • Selling game-specific items and digital collectibles in your game through NPC vendors or other systems.
  • Launching Avatar collections in partnership with TOPIA.
  • Charging players $TOPIA Tokens for approved in-game items, ranks, services, etc.
  • Hosting "buy-in" tournaments, and other gated server events.

Leverage the $TOPIA ecosystem to incentivize purchases by:

  • Providing in-game benefits or special functionality to certain items.
  • Gating gameplay, experiences or features by ownership of certain items.
  • Design unique and vibrant cosmetics which appeal to a player's desire for individuality.
  • And more.