Members of the TOPIA community, formerly known as NFT Worlds, have raised questions about the new token's function within the TOPIA ecosystem and the status of the old token ($WRLD) from the previous NFT Worlds platform. To provide clarity on these issues, we have put together a list of common questions and straightforward answers to dispel any misunderstandings.

A different token... Why is this needed?

The migration from $WRLD token to $TOPIA token has been decided for the following reasons.

  • Brand consistently.
  • Easier token identification. Alternative tokens like $WORLD have been confused with $WRLD.
  • Reconfigured L1 token mechanics for L1 -> L3 (TOPIA Chain) bridging, and other needs.
  • Unification of $WRLD 1.0 and 2.0 and the minor amount of fragmentation that have occurred between the two.

What is the purpose of $TOPIA (what will it be used for)?

The functionality of the $TOPIA token surpasses the capabilities of the older $WRLD token. We've provided a list outlining how $TOPIA is utilized throughout the TOPIA ecosystem.

If I’m a liquidity provider what should I do?

Liquidity providers can earn rewards through providing liquidity to supported $TOPIA pools. Learn more here: Liquidity Pool Staking

What incentives do I have to provide liquidity for $TOPIA?

Per our Tokenomics, 10% of $TOPIA's supply is reserved for liquidity pool provider rewards. Learn more here Liquidity Pool Staking

What happens to the price of $WRLD 1.0 and $WRLD 2.0?

The price of $WRLD 1.0 and 2.0 is determined by community-created liquidity pools. Although $WRLD won't be part of the TOPIA ecosystem after migrating to $TOPIA, its price will still rely on actions within 3rd party liquidity pools as some 3rd party projects may choose to continue using $WRLD.

When will I be able to make the switch from $WRLD to $TOPIA?

You can swap $WRLD token to $TOPIA token here: Swap $WRLD to $TOPIA

How do I go from $WRLD 1.0 and $WRLD 2.0 to $TOPIA?

You can swap $WRLD 1.0 & 2.0 token to $TOPIA token here: Swap $WRLD to $TOPIA

What happens to $WRLD 1.0 and $WRLD 2.0?

$WRLD 1.0 and 2.0 will exist on the blockchain due to its immutability, but have no relevance to TOPIA.

Are staking balances accruing during the down time?

No, staking balances as of May 5th will not be transferrable to the new World staking contract for TOPIA Worlds.

What happens to my staking claims?

Claimable $WRLD for staking balances that were held on May 5th, 2023 will migrate to the new staking contract and make claimable the same balance but in $TOPIA token instead. The same block that we used to snapshot World ownership for the migration to TOPIA Worlds is the same block we will use to snapshot claimable balances.

Will I be able to claim in $WRLD 1.0 or 2.0

Yes, you can swap $WRLD 1.0 and 2.0 for $TOPIA on the Ethereum mainnet. However, if you hold $WRLD on the Polygon mainnet, at this time you'll need to bridge it back to the Ethereum mainnet before swapping for $TOPIA, because $TOPIA is not deployed on the Polygon mainnet.

If you hold $WRLD on Polygon mainnet and have not swapped your $WRLD to $TOPIA when TOPIA Chain launches, you will be airdropped the equivalent $WRLD balance held on Polygon to the same address on the TOPIA Chain. The $WRLD bridge between Ethereum and Polygon will be disabled permanently right before this airdrop.

What happens to the 5% conversion of $WRLD 1.0 to $WRLD 2.0?

Since $WRLD 1.0 and $WRLD 2.0 will be swapped to $TOPIA, the previous 5% conversion bonus between $WRLD 1.0 and 2.0 will be reversed. When swapping $WRLD 2.0 for $TOPIA, you'll get 95.24% of your total $WRLD 2.0 as TOPIA, effectively removing the earlier 5% bonus. For example, if you have 105 $WRLD 2.0, you would receive approximately 100 $TOPIA, which reverses the original 5% bonus from $WRLD 1.0 to $WRLD 2.0.

When is staking going to start again?

Staking will be available within 7 to 10 days after the $TOPIA token is launched.

I forgot to claim my second $WRLD airdrop, can this still be claimed/airdropped?

If you haven't claimed one or more $WRLD airdrops from your Worlds, they are no longer available for claiming. Instead, when the TOPIA Chain launches, you'll receive an equivalent amount of $TOPIA as an airdrop on the new chain.

Is TOPIA still exploring a CEX listing?

Yes, we are pursuing a CEX listing for $TOPIA to give greater access to players globally to TOPIA's native game currency $TOPIA for the purpose of play.

Are we sticking with the 1 $TOPIA = 1 $TOPIA?

We understand that game currencies typically have a corresponding dollar value, and $TOPIA will likely have one as well. However, we don't intend to focus on or discuss its price fluctuations or speculative aspects. Instead, we view $TOPIA as the native game currency for players to use when buying, selling, or trading within all games and Worlds in the TOPIA ecosystem.

Where can I get $WRLD token to swap to $TOPIA later?

Disclaimer: While you can acquire $WRLD through swap pools, we remind our community that the $WRLD token is an in-game currency with no monetary value officially endorsed by our team. By acquiring $WRLD tokens using a swap pool, you are effectively purchasing a game currency that the TOPIA team does not officially back with any monetary value.

You can get $WRLD on Uniswap here:

How long will I have to swap to $TOPIA

When we release the $WRLD to $TOPIA swap system, there will be no limit on the amount of time that $WRLD 1.0 and $WRLD 2.0 can be converted to $TOPIA. $WRLD however will no longer have any relevance in the TOPIA ecosystem, so it is highly recommended to swap $WRLD to $TOPIA when available.