All users of the TOPIA Chain who possess the $TOPIA Token can actively engage in network governance whenever proposals are put forward.

From time to time, TOPIA may suggest modifications to the network's configuration to improve its stability, scalability, or other purposes. These proposed changes are subject to on-chain governance, meaning they can be voted on and implemented based on the majority consensus of $TOPIA token holders.

Currently, the TOPIA Chain enables token holders to vote on and confirm the following adjustable network settings through its governance process.

GovernableExplanationGenesis Value
Block TimePeriod determining block creation frequency1 Second
Block Gas LimitMaximum amount of gas used by all transactions in a block20,000,000
Checkpoint Block IntervalTransactions that occur on the TOPIA Chain are checkpointed to the Polygon chain at frequent intervals of blocks by the validators. TOPIA chain checkpoints to the Polygon chain are then checkpointed to the Ethereum chain every 30 minutes.1800 Blocks
Epoch SizeThe number of blocks per epoch of the TOPIA Chain200 Blocks
Epoch RewardThe reward size for block sealing per epoch.100 $TOPIA

All governance activities will be performed through TOPIA's page: