Liquidity Pool Staking


$TOPIA liquidity pool staking allows you to supply liquidity to the official $TOPIA/$ETH pool on the Ethereum mainnet. In return, you receive $LP-TOPIA tokens based on your total liquidity provided, which you can use to withdraw your liquidity later.

By staking your $LP-TOPIA tokens, you lock up your supplied liquidity for a chosen time. As a reward, you'll receive a share of the pool's fees and a portion of 500,000,000 $TOPIA Tokens (distributed over four years) to compensate for potential impermanent loss risks.

The longer you stake your $LP-TOPIA tokens, the more fees and $TOPIA Tokens you'll earn compared to other stakers.


Pending Release

$LP-TOPIA staking is not available yet and is planned for release in Q3 of 2023 after $TOPIA launches.