MetaFab & TOPIA Chain

The founders of TOPIA are the same founders of MetaFab, one of the most powerful suites of developer tools to build game systems on top of the blockchain in a standardized and scalable way. MetaFab is being used by nearly 1,000 game studios and indie developers.

The MetaFab tech stack will be fully integrated into TOPIA to power our first-party infrastructure and developer tools for all TOPIA in-game item creations, lootboxes, player systems and so much more. This will allow us to build a fully frictionless set of systems for players, content creators, and developers alike to deeply integrate on-chain systems and content into TOPIA. Developers and content creators utilizing these systems will be required to use $TOPIA token for all aspects of item deployment, lootbox creation, utilization of MetaFab systems, and more on the TOPIA Chain.

Learn More About MetaFab

MetaFab's suite of technologies that will be rolling into TOPIA are extremely robust and extensive. We highly recommend you take some time to look through the MetaFab website and documentation to learn more.

MetaFab Website:

MetaFab Documentation: