TOPIA's faucet offers a steady supply of $TOPIA Tokens to Worlds, rewarding players for activities like playing games, trading, and joining events. This allows World owners to create engaging games and partially subsidize player rewards without providing all the $TOPIA Tokens themselves. The faucet is meant to jump-start World economies but not be a permanent solution.


Pending Release

The $TOPIA Faucet is planned for release shortly after the public beta of TOPIA releases in Q4 2023.

Requirements & Rewards

To access the faucet, Worlds must:

  • Have a fully developed, playable core experience available through TOPIA's game client.
  • Integrate a functioning anti-cheat system, either provided by TOPIA or your own team.
  • Create and enforce a set of rules for your players that create a fair gameplay environment.
  • Be considered unique, engaging, and enjoyable to players, as determined by TOPIA.
  • Stake the required $TOPIA amount, which can be slashed if faucet policies are violated.

Staking can come from the World development team, player support, or World owner. Daily faucet rewards depend on the total $TOPIA staked and the World's performance metrics.

Emission Formula

Faucet rewards for a World are issued daily and can be claimed by wallet addresses approved by the World owner. A World's base reward is calculated using $TOPIA staked and performance metrics like unique players, new player onboarding, total playtime, in-game transactions, and churn rate.

The formula for determining a World's daily faucet yield and maximum faucet yield relative to how much $TOPIA Token they have staked is calculated as follows:

P = Daily active players
S = Total staked $TOPIA
Max Daily Yield = S / STAKING_CONSTANT

Where "Daily Yield" may not exceed "Max Daily Yield."

For example, with 100 daily active players and 12,000 $TOPIA staked, the maximum daily yield is 100 $TOPIA, but the calculated daily yield is 600 $TOPIA. Therefore, the World would receive a maximum of 100 $TOPIA.

Faucet Governance & Formula Changes

TOPIA World owners can submit proposals for changes to faucet yield rates, formulas, and requirements through TOPIA's governance mechanisms.

Violations & Slashing

If a World is suspected of violating faucet rules, a penalty proposal can be made against its staked $TOPIA. TOPIA and TOPIA World owners can submit proposals, and TOPIA World owners vote on whether to slash some or all of the World's staked $TOPIA. Slashed $TOPIA is returned to the faucet, increasing the faucet's total available amount.

Faucet Staking By Others

Worlds can incentivize anyone to stake $TOPIA by offering rewards like unique items, utility tokens, special roles, in-game upgrades, or access to limited content. However, offering $TOPIA in any way as a direct or indirect reward violates faucet guidelines and can result in a penalty proposal.