Pending Release

The rental functionality of TOPIA Worlds is planned to release around Q1 of 2024 when TOPIA is planned to exit public beta and officially launch.

Due to the free market nature surrounding TOPIA Worlds, it's essential for our ecosystem to provide a variety of means for developers and game studios to attain access to a World to develop their games. One such way is for developers or game studios to rent a World from an existing owner who has made their World available for rent.

When a World is staked, the owner can specify if the World is also available for rent. Only staked Worlds can be made available for rent because by staking the World, it securely guarantees that it cannot be transferred or change ownership while it is rented.

Worlds made available to rent can have a variety of parameters set:

  • Security Deposit: The amount of $TOPIA Token required as a security deposit for a renter to initiate renting. If the renter defaults on a payment before the rental period has expired, the renter loses their deposit to the owner.
  • Rent Amount: The amount of $TOPIA Token required to be paid monthly to rent a World. First month's rent is due immediately upon initiating a rental by a renter.
  • Minimum Rentable Days: The minimum number of days a renter can select to rent the World.
  • Maximum Rentable: The maximum number of days a renter can select to rent this World. While a World is rented, the owner cannot unstake it and will not have access to it for their own use.

Through TOPIA's rental marketplace, you can search for Worlds available to rent to begin developing your game. By renting a World, you're granted access to the following:

  • Development & Monetization - You may develop a game that has support for an uncapped number of concurrent players and integrate a variety of ways to monetize the player base of your game.
  • Visibility & Placement - The game you've developed can qualify to be listed on the front page World list of TOPIA.
  • TOPIA Chain Access - You may deploy smart contracts related to your game to TOPIA's blockchain.

Worlds that reach termination of their rental agreement are detached from any games launched or developments made during the rental period. The developer of the game and content that was associated with that World token retains all rights to their development, games, and player base unless otherwise stated in the rental terms prior to a renter entering an agreement.