World Staking


Pending Release

TOPIA World staking will be available shortly after $TOPIA launches.

TOPIA Worlds can be staked through TOPIA's World Manager. When you stake a TOPIA World, you unlock the following benefits:

  • Receive $TOPIA tokens on a daily basis. World owners can claim their earned $TOPIA Tokens at any time.
  • Optionally, your staked World can be configured to earn $TOPIA tokens by renting through the TOPIA Worlds Rental Marketplace. World owners will set a security deposit, monthly rental cost, and a minimum and maximum available term. Renters will browse the marketplace listings, and after finding the right World, initiate a rental by accepting those terms.

The daily $TOPIA earnings for a staked TOPIA World are based on this formula:

Additionally, each World's staking rate is influenced by its weight which is determined by its rank relative to all other Worlds. A Worlds weight can be determined with this formula:

There are 1,750,000,000 $TOPIA Tokens allocated for staking rewards over five years. Token distribution is proportional to the total TOPIA Worlds staked, with the formula determining the distributed amounts. If fewer Worlds are staked, you'll earn more $TOPIA relative to the total staked Worlds.

Once staking reserves are exhausted, we anticipate the TOPIA Worlds ecosystem will sustain itself through the rental system associated with staking.

Note: Staked Worlds cannot be listed for sale. To sell a World, it must be unstaked from the staking/renting contract and returned to the owner's wallet.