$TOPIA Staking

$TOPIA Token staking is intended to remove $TOPIA Token from the open circulating supply and stabilize TOPIA's in-game economies built around $TOPIA Token. There are three types of $TOPIA Token staking:

  • $TOPIA Faucet Staking
  • General $TOPIA Staking
  • 3rd-Party Staking For Faucets

None of these staking mechanics directly yield $TOPIA as an APY. Their staking rewards are intended to support the stability & flywheels tied to TOPIA's ecosystem. We'll dive into each of these in detail below.

$TOPIA Faucet Staking

For approved Worlds to gain access to TOPIA's Faucet, World operators must stake a specific amount of $TOPIA Token relative to their qualified faucet yields. The intention is for TOPIA to retain a large amount of staked $TOPIA as collateral that can be slashed (taken) if a World violates the usage terms of emissions from the faucet.


Daily Active Player Qualifications

A daily active player is a player who actively spends at least 15 minutes in your World for any given day.

3rd-Party Staking For Faucets

Anyone can stake $TOPIA to the benefit of the World's faucet requirements. In exchange for staking to supplement a World's faucet requirements, a World can choose to reward supporting stakers. These rewards may be unique TOPIA items specific to a World, World-specific utility tokens, special Discord or community roles, access to limited content in-game, and more.

These rewards may not consist of $TOPIA yields in any way. Rewarding $TOPIA to players or holders for $TOPIA staking is an immediate violation of the faucet guidelines. It will result in a slashing proposal being brought against the World at fault.

General $TOPIA Staking

Any wallet or player can stake $TOPIA Token to the $TOPIA staking contract. In exchange, relative to each individual's total $TOPIA staked, they'll receive tiered rewards at a recurring interval from TOPIA.

These tiered rewards include, but are not limited to:

  • Rare lootboxes
  • Limited cosmetic items
  • In-game titles and vanity tags
  • $TOPIA-XP (More details on soulbound $TOPIA-XP coming soon)