$TOPIA's tokenomics are structured with a number of considerations. The biggest of which is to maintain a stable and incentive-driven platform for creators and players. $TOPIA Token originally launched as $WRLD token in December 2021 - before TOPIA's rebranding from previously being NFT Worlds. Tokenomics and token supply were also migrated when the rebranding to TOPIA occurred in May of 2023.

Supply Cap

$TOPIA has a capped supply of 5,000,000,000 $TOPIA. There will never be more than 5,000,000,000 $TOPIA.

Supply Allocations Overview

Allocation% Of TotalAmount Of Total
P2E Faucet, Grants & CEX39%1,950,000,000 $TOPIA
World Staking35%1,750,000,000 $TOPIA
$LP-TOPIA Staking10%500,000,000 $TOPIA
World Owners Claim10%500,000,000 $TOPIA
Team5%250,000,000 $TOPIA
Avatar Staking1%50,000,000 $TOPIA

Supply Allocations Explained

P2E Faucet, Grants & CEX

The largest allocation of $TOPIA's total supply is reserved for linear distribution over a 5-year timeline that started in 2022 and ends in 2027. This allocation is reserved for the following.

  • P2E Faucet: $TOPIA Token is distributed to Worlds that have popular games with heavily active player bases. TOPIA Worlds can stake $TOPIA Tokens to get a continual drip of $TOPIA that they may distribute to their players as rewards under TOPIA's guidance. Their staked tokens are slashed if they violate TOPIA's distribution rules. You can learn more here: P2E & Grant Faucet
  • Grants: TOPIA's team reserves the right to distribute gifts of $TOPIA Token to special interest projects and developments that align with the greater good and growth of the TOPIA ecosystem. These grants will be proposed to the community before distribution and voted on through majority consensus by $TOPIA holders.
  • CEX Listing (13% Maximum): $TOPIA may be listed on a centralized exchange. Deducted from this allocation, up to 13% of the total token supply is tentatively reserved to meet market maker requirements.

World Staking

35% of $TOPIA's total supply is reserved for linear distribution to World owners over a 5-year timeline that starts in 2022 and ends in 2027.

Distributions for World staking are intended to give predictable amounts of $TOPIA Token to TOPIA World owners to increase the circulating supply of $TOPIA slowly, as well as kickstart TOPIA World development and incentivized mechanics within games World owners may choose to develop.

$LP-TOPIA Staking

10% of $TOPIA's total supply is reserved for liquidity providers to the $TOPIA/$ETH liquidity pool on the Ethereum and TOPIA network. Providers receive $LP-TOPIA tokens relative to the total liquidity provided. $LP-TOPIA token can be used to withdraw liquidity.

By staking your $LP-TOPIA tokens, you lock up your provided liquidity for a selected period. In exchange, you receive liquidity pool fees and time-locked distributions of 500,000,000 $TOPIA Token to be distributed over four years to top liquidity providers to help offset the downside risk of impermanent loss.

World Owners Claim

10% of the total $TOPIA supply was given to TOPIA World holders over two consecutive claims. The first in December 2021 and the last in February 2022. This initial distribution of tokens was intended to fairly distribute and kickstart the token supply of the TOPIA ecosystem. Some Worlds did not claim their available tokens, and will have them airdropped to their respective owners in the future on the TOPIA Chain. This 10% of the token supply has already been fully distributed as of February 2022.


5% of $TOPIA's supply is reserved for team usage and unlocked over a four-year period that started in December 2021. Distributions of this 5% allocation are unlocked as a 1/48 of the total allocation each month.

The team reserves are intended for marketing, team-determined grants, team member incentives, and more.

Avatar Staking

1% of $TOPIA's total supply is reserved for linear distribution to avatar owners over a 5-year timeline starting in 2023.

This $TOPIA distribution for avatars is intended to distribute $TOPIA Token for in-game play and use across playable TOPIA Worlds.