TOPIA Chain Access

TOPIA operates its own dedicated and environmentally sustainable blockchain. This blockchain utilizes a variant of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for state management and enabling smart contract functionality. You can learn more about the TOPIA Chain here.

By default, the ability to deploy custom "smart contracts" and interact with low-level logic systems on TOPIA's chain is limited to a list of pre-approved actors. Anyone who owns or rents a TOPIA World is among this list of pre-approved actors. We determine approval based on renting or ownership by what TOPIA chain wallet address currently owns a World or is renting one based on the on-chain state.

By owning or renting a TOPIA World, you can perform the following operations on the TOPIA chain.

  • Launch arbitrary smart contracts.
  • Create new TOPIA items collections for the World you're building - cosmetic & non-cosmetic.
  • Create and request approval for your own cosmetic items to be available across all Worlds in TOPIA.
  • Interact with a variety of default TOPIA smart contracts and pre-deployed systems.