TOPIA Ecosystem Proposals

In order to submit a proposal to the TOPIA ecosystem, you must possess a certain number of $TOPIA tokens. Currently, you need to have at least 1,000,000 $TOPIA tokens in your possession. It's important to note that submitting a proposal doesn't mean you will expend or lose any of your $TOPIA tokens; it is merely a requirement that you hold a certain minimum balance.

All activities regarding TOPIA Ecosystem Proposals (TEP) such as creation, viewing, and voting on these proposals are handled through our governance platform. To participate, please visit:

We strongly encourage our community to participate in the continuous evolution of the TOPIA ecosystem and being involved in guiding it in a direction for all to prosper through our open and democratic governance process.

Proposal Template

Please use the following template whenever submitting a new TOPIA Ecosystem Proposal

All proposals must have a concise, relevant title upon submission.

Use the below template for the "Description" section of your proposal when submitting it here:

(This section is meant to provide the context and reasoning behind the proposal. It should answer questions such as: What is the current state of affairs? Why is this change necessary? What benefits or issues have led to the creation of this proposal?

(Here, you should provide a thorough explanation of the proposal. Make sure to outline what the proposal aims to accomplish, how it plans to reach those goals, and any specific changes or implementations that need to occur.)

(In this section, you should clearly outline the steps for implementing your proposal. This should include the specifics of execution, any resources needed, timeline for implementation, and any potential obstacles or risks. This section is crucial in convincing stakeholders of the practicality of your proposal.)

(This section should summarize the entire proposal, recapping the need for the proposal, the objectives, and the execution details. It's important that this section is concise and easy to understand for anyone skimming through.)

Proposal Limitations

At this time, TOPIA only has a few strict limitations on what type of proposals cannot be submitted. All other types of proposals are fair game.

At this time, proposals that contain any of the following will be denied by the TOPIA team.

  • Any proposal to distribute profit, earnings or revenues in any way may not be submitted.
  • Any proposal to restructure or change internal team members of TOPIA's core team may not be submitted.
  • Any proposal to disclose sensitive business information of TOPIA that may or may not be relevant to it's competitive advantages may not be submitted.
  • Any proposal that would bring harm against another party, alienate a group of individuals, or otherwise bring emotional or physical harm to anyone or anything may not be submitted.

As a final note, in extreme situations TOPIA reserves the right to explicitly veto any proposal that the core TOPIA team believes is malicious, acting against the good of the community, or has direct or indirect effects that could bring widespread harm to the TOPIA ecosystem.