TOPIA & Minecraft EULA

TOPIA represents the collective vision of our team and creators who are inspired by Minecraft's potential but face limitations in realizing their ideas within its closed ecosystem. While we love Minecraft, implementing even simple creations like driveable cars demands complex workarounds and unconventional methods due to the platform's inherent design constraints.

TOPIA starts from scratch, choosing RUST as a modern language built to support the interaction and functionality creators want. With this foundation, we use the most modern frameworks to create a performant client and an open-developer environment, allowing new and custom content to make its way into TOPIA Worlds and servers.

We are adding quality-of-life improvements that we and others in the community have wanted for years, such as extensive flexibility in server/world development, friends lists, group chats, global cosmetics, lighting flexibility, and more. We are also building no-code tools for artists and modelers, a player hub for exploring new fun things to do and experience with friends, and much more. While inspired by Minecraft, TOPIA is very much a unique and independent game and platform. TOPIA is not subjected to the Minecraft EULA - we own the entirety of our IP and have developed TOPIA from scratch.

Intellectual Property: TOPIA uses our own code, textures, models, assets and more and does not infringe on any Minecraft, Mojang, or related-party intellectual property.

Brand, Marketing, & Affiliation: TOPIA is not associated with, endorsed by, or a partner of Minecraft, Mojang, or any related parties.

EULA & Content Creation: As TOPIA moves closer to alpha, beta, and public stages, we will enforce and outline clear terms and conditions of the platform alongside platform contributors. Our EULA will remain flexible and be driven by community consensus.

By building TOPIA, we want to foster collaborative and rich gaming experiences that empower creators and players and ignite limitless imagination.