Visibility & Player Reach

The TOPIA games page in our game client prominently displays games for new and existing players to explore. To qualify for a spot on this page, a game must be developed into a experience connected to an existing Minecraft server or a much more advanced TOPIA server. This opportunity is open to owners or renters of Worlds to gain reach to the entirety of the TOPIA playerbase.

Players can sort by gameplay type (Adventure, Casual, RPG, Shooter, etc.) as well as popularity ranks. Popularity ranks of games are calculated using a combination of player activity trends and the World's rarity attached to a game. Games with rarer worlds attached receive a minor multiplier bonus, which slightly boosts their position on the list relative to their activity, making them visible to more players. The most influential metric for popularity ranking is player activity, which includes daily average play time per player, number of unique daily active players, and daily volume of player economic activity for a game.

Information on category ranking formulas will become available as TOPIA gets closer to public release.