What Are TOPIA Worlds?

TOPIA Worlds are digital collectibles fairly distributed to our community for free when TOPIA was launched. Each TOPIA World represents one of 10,000 total digital collectibles, of which no more will ever be created.

You can think of TOPIA overall as a platform of many games, with requirements that gate entry to the ability of developers to launch games on our platform by requiring them to own one of these digital collectibles.

At the most simplified level, you can think of owning a TOPIA World as a ticket that allows you to develop monetized and massively multiplayer games that are visible and can be played by all players on TOPIA. This isn't all TOPIA Worlds are for though, let's dive in more below.

  • Development & Monetization - Learn more about how owning or renting a TOPIA World allows you to develop massively multiplayer experiences and create a monetization system.
  • Visibility & Placement - Learn more about TOPIA World placement rankings and visibility to all players within the TOPIA ecosystem.
  • Staking - Learn more about staking a TOPIA World to receive $TOPIA rewards daily.
  • Renting - Learn more about renting your TOPIA World to other developers for a monthly $TOPIA price you set.
  • TOPIA Chain Access - Learn more about how owning or renting a TOPIA World allows you to deploy smart contracts to TOPIA's blockchain.
  • Lootbox Rewards - Learn more about how owning a TOPIA World rewards you with recurring cosmetic lootboxes.