$WRLD to $TOPIA Migration


$WRLD can be swapped to $TOPIA token here: Swap $WRLD to $TOPIA

$WRLD 2.0 to $TOPIA

$WRLD 2.0 is an upgraded version of $WRLD 1.0 that is now being deprecated just like $WRLD 1.0 as we transition to $TOPIA token. Originally, swapping from $WRLD 1.0 to $WRLD 2.0 yielded a +5% bonus to swap. This bonus will be reverted upon swapping $WRLD 2.0 to $TOPIA.

When swapping $WRLD 2.0 for $TOPIA, you'll get 95.24% of your total $WRLD 2.0 as TOPIA, effectively removing the earlier 5% bonus. For example, if you have 105 $WRLD 2.0, you would receive approximately 100 $TOPIA, which reverses the original 5% bonus from $WRLD 1.0 to $WRLD 2.0.

The main reason for reverting this bonus for $WRLD 2.0 is to make certain we can strategically allocate what would have been bonus tokens from the supply towards other critical needs within the TOPIA ecosystem. This is also to prevent a "run" of a mass migration from $WRLD 1.0 to 2.0 prior to the swap mechanism being available only for the sake of the bonus.

$WRLD 2.0 can be swapped to $TOPIA token here: Swap $WRLD to $TOPIA

Where can I get $WRLD token now to swap to $TOPIA?

Disclaimer: While you can acquire $WRLD through swap pools, we remind our community that the $WRLD token is an in-game currency with no monetary value officially endorsed by our team. By acquiring $WRLD tokens using a swap pool, you are effectively purchasing a game currency that the TOPIA team does not officially back with any monetary value.

We share a link to a $WRLD swap pool below explicitly for the sake of giving more people fair access to acquire $WRLD, which can be swapped to $TOPIA token and used within the TOPIA ecosystem as game currency.

You can get $WRLD on Uniswap here:https://app.uniswap.org/#/tokens/ethereum/0xd5d86fc8d5c0ea1ac1ac5dfab6e529c9967a45e9